Event & Registration

Regardless of the registration method, it’s important to double-check all of your information before submitting your registration to ensure that there are no errors or missing information. You should also make note of any confirmation or receipt you receive, as this will serve as proof of your registration.

Outdoor Games





Basket Ball

Tug of war

Hand Ball

Indoor Games

Table Tennis






Online Games

Literary & Fine Art

Face Painting


Canvas/Poster Making


Normal Painting

(English & Hindi)

Monologue Speech
(Hindi & English)



Open Mic

Story Writing
Essay Writing

Spelling Bee

Dumb Charades


Cultural Events

Fashion Show

” Elegancia “


Battle of Bands

Solo/Group Dance

Solo/Group Singing

Stand-Up Comedy

Special Events

Box Cricket


Short Film Making

Insta Reel Making

Body Building


Frequently Asked

+ What is Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis is an inter-medical college fest happening at NMCH SASARAM from April 27th to April 30th. It’s a platform for medical students from different colleges to showcase their talents, compete in various events, and network with their peers.

+ Who can participate in Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis is open to medical students from different colleges. However, there may be specific eligibility criteria or registration requirements that participants need to fulfill, which can vary depending on the event or competition.

+ What are the different events or competitions happening at Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis may feature a range of events and competitions, such as quizzes, debates, cultural performances, sports, medical workshops, poster presentations, and more. The specific events and their rules or guidelines can be communicated through the event’s official website, social media channels, or registration portals.

+ How can I register for Metamorphosis?

Registration for Metamorphosis can typically be done online through the event’s official website or registration portal. Participants may need to provide personal information, college details, and choose the events they want to participate in. There may also be a registration fee or deadline, which can vary depending on the event’s organizers.

+ What are the prizes or rewards for winning events or competitions at Metamorphosis?

The prizes or rewards for winning events or competitions at Metamorphosis can vary depending on the event’s organizers and sponsors. They may include certificates, trophies, cash prizes, internship opportunities, or other benefits. Participants can usually find information about the rewards through the event’s official channels or during the registration process.

+ Will accommodation and food be provided for participants during Metamorphosis?

It depends on the event’s organizers and the specific arrangements made for the participants. In some cases, accommodation and food may be provided as part of the registration fee or as a separate package. However, participants are advised to check the event’s official communication channels to confirm the details and make necessary arrangements

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Join Us!

We welcome you to join us at Metamorphosis, the inter-medical college fest that celebrates the transformation of young minds into future healthcare professionals.

We look forward to having you join us at Metamorphosis and be a part of this exciting and enriching experience!