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Abhinav Nikunj is a highly motivated and passionate MBBS student at NMCH, with a keen interest in organizing events and bringing people together. As the organizing head of Metamorphosis, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a strong ability to manage complex tasks with ease.

Abhinav is an excellent communicator and has a natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life. He is a creative thinker and has a knack for finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. His attention to detail and meticulous planning have been instrumental in the success of several events at NMCH.

In addition to his organizational skills, Abhinav is also a dedicated student who is deeply committed to his studies. He maintains a strong academic record and actively participates in extracurricular activities, including sports and community service.

Overall, Abhinav is a well-rounded individual with a bright future ahead of him. He is driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world, and his passion, dedication, and leadership skills make him an asset to any team or organization he is a part of.

Prateek Kumar Gautam is a talented individual who has excelled in multiple sports, including badminton and volleyball. He is known for his straight forward and honest approach to life. Currently, he is a final year MBBS student at Narayan Medical College, where he is working hard to pursue his passion for medicine. With his dedication and commitment, Prateek has achieved great success both in academics and sports, and he continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of his life.

Abhishek Pushker is a driven and accomplished individual with a diverse skill set. He has a background in finance and management and has successfully managed various academic projects. Abhishek has taken on a pivot role at the upcoming Metamorphosis Fest happening at NMCH Sasaram, where he is responsible for managing the finances and overseeing the management of the festival. His exceptional financial management skills and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to the team. Abhishek is dedicated to making sure the festival runs smoothly and within budget. With his expertise in finance and management and his passion for creating memorable experiences, Abhishek is sure to make Metamorphosis Fest a huge success. He truly is an academic hero.

Prashant Kumar is a multi-talented individual with a charismatic personality. He is an excellent orator, capable of captivating audiences with his words. Additionally, Prashant is a stand-up comic, known for his ability to bring joy and laughter to people’s lives. Prashant’s go-getter attitude and people skills make him a natural charmer, loved by all who meet him.He has a unique ability to express his thoughts and feelings through words, creating meaningful and impactful pieces of literature. His works often touch on themes of patriotism and nationalism, showcasing his love for his country and its people. As a nationalist, Prashant is deeply committed to promoting the welfare and interests of his nation and its citizens. Through his writing and poetry, he seeks to inspire and motivate others to work towards a better future for themselves and their country.

Aditya Raj is an experienced event manager with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. He has successfully managed numerous events, ranging from small corporate gatherings to large-scale festivals. Aditya’s expertise lies in event planning, execution, and logistics management. His attention to detail and creative approach to event design ensure that every event he manages is a huge success. Aditya is currently managing the upcoming Metamorphosis Fest happening at NMCH Sasaram, and he is dedicated to making it a memorable experience for all attendees. With his skills and expertise, Aditya is sure to make Metamorphosis Fest a roaring success

Divya Sinha is a creative and responsible MBBS student of NMCH. She is good at communication, is easy to talk to and also a fast learner. She coordinates with people in synchrony and understands as well as relays the task well. When faced with problems, she will try to solve asap and make sure it is handled well.

Neharika Raj is a hard working, honest individual, who is a good timekeeper, always willing to learn new skills. She is friendly, helpful and polite, and has a good sense of humour. She is able to work independently in busy environments and also within a team setting. She is outgoing and tactful, and able to listen effectively when solving problems.

She is a punctual and motivated individual who is able to work in a busy environment and produce high standards of work.

Anamay Kashyap is a highly accomplished individual with a passion for both sports and event management. He is a national level badminton player who has represented his state in numerous competitions. Along with his passion for sports, Anamay also possesses a keen interest in event management, which led him to take on the role of Indoor Head at the upcoming Metamorphosis Fest happening at NMCH Sasaram. He is responsible for overseeing the indoor events and ensuring that they run smoothly. With his exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Anamay is dedicated to making Metamorphosis Fest a huge success. His experience as a sportsman has taught him the importance of discipline, teamwork and perseverance, all qualities that he will bring to the table in his role as Indoor Head.

Komal Kumari Choudhary is one of the dedicated student at NMCH. She is an excellent organizer.She has also been class representative during her final year and has done her job well. She had successfully participated in few cultural events at her college. She had a keen eye for detail and she is very efficient in coordinating events. She is also very good at communicating with people and she is able to manage teams very well.

She is good at studies and has creative bent of mind. She also has a cheerful personality which makes the work environment easy for her colleagues

Sunny kumar Aatre is a versatile and experienced event manager with a passion for creating exceptional experiences for attendees. He is an asset to any event team, with his ability to adapt to different roles and responsibilities. Sunny has taken on a pivot role at the upcoming Metamorphosis Fest happening at NMCH Sasaram, where he is responsible for a variety of tasks that require flexibility and adaptability. He is an excellent problem solver and has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every aspect of the festival is executed flawlessly. Sunny’s extensive experience in event management, combined with his creative approach and dedication, makes him a valuable member of the team. With his ability to pivot and adapt to any situation, Sunny is sure to make Metamorphosis Fest a huge success.

Hello everyone, Abhishek Anand is a Final year MBBS student of Narayan Medical College. He is looking forward to a great journey along with this event through connecting with multiple creative mind. Abhishek keeps an excellent academic record and and also have a great interest in sports and other activities.

Vinit is a highly motivated individual who possesses a unique ability to execute ideas with precision and finesse. He has a keen eye for detail and always strives for perfection in his work. Vinit is known for his strong work ethic and dedication towards his tasks.

He has a natural talent for identifying flaws and inefficiencies in processes and is adept at rectifying them with his problem-solving skills. Vinit is always eager to take on new challenges and consistently delivers exceptional results.

With his hard work and determination, Vinit has gained a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy member of his team. He is a great asset to any organization, and his ability to turn ideas into action sets him apart from his peers

Hello guys, This is Priyanshu, final year MBBS student at Narayan Medical college and hospital,a great cricket enthusiast, sports analyser, part time singer. With too much of interest in every department, I am looking forward to make this event worth remembering.

Shubham Kumar Dey has proven to be an exceptional event organizer, consistently delivering high-quality events that meet or exceed expectations. He has strong organizational skills and attention to detail, which is reflected in the successful planning and execution of various events. Shubham has excellent interpersonal skills and is able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, sponsors, and participants. He is creative and innovative in his approach to event planning, and has demonstrated the ability to adapt to changing circumstances to ensure a successful outcome. Shubham’s commitment to both his medical studies and event organizing demonstrates a strong work ethic and a desire to excel in multiple areas. He has proven to be an effective communicator and collaborator, and consistently strives to improve his skills and knowledge in both fields.

Join us for a memorable experience filled with great company, delicious food, and unforgettable moments!

The experience of Metamorphosis Fest is precious indeed,For it allows us to evolve, grow, and succeed,With inspiring sports, music, and art to explore,It’s an event that leaves us feeling transformed to the core.

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We welcome you to join us at Metamorphosis, the inter-medical college fest that celebrates the transformation of young minds into future healthcare professionals.

We look forward to having you join us at Metamorphosis and be a part of this exciting and enriching experience!